Warning related to PDF files

The PDF files proposed to download can be used for the viewing on screen, but they are mainly intended for the printing purpose.

For a good quality,

The canvas were reproduced in "neutrals" tones, i.e. that no dominant color should appear. However, since the result depends on each printer as well as of paper used, we advise you to carry out a test with one page before printing other (download for example page 10, it is the smallest file).

It may be that the result appears too clear to you, we then advise you to decrease the luminosity of 10% then possibly to increase contrast and saturation of 10%. These adjustments are done in the parameter setting of the printer (menu Print setting/ Properties).

Please remember that none of the elements of this site is free of rights. Only the reproduction of the downloaded files is authorized, without commercial use, and without any modification of their contents. Any complete or partial reproduction of a work must always be accompanied with the author's name Annette Poupard or, failing this, with the domain name www.poup-art.com